“The Ghost Of Incomplete Yearnings”

Based on the life and times of Michael Cunningham-Reid, a white Colonial settler in Kenya in the late 1940’s. Losing his land during the Mau Mau Uprising, he made the decision to remain in the country during this time of upheaval and became a Kenyan citizen.

This is a journey of a life born into great wealth and the English upper class of the 1920’s. His mother, Mary Cunningham-Reid, had a sister, Lady Edwina Mountbatten, who was one of the richest women in England at the time of Michael’s birth and remained so until her death.

Michael suffered through two very difficult marriages until he found the love of his life in his third wife, Dodo. This bond would forever change his course and ultimately play out in a court of law through a kidnapping and marital sacrifice that would alter both of their lives and create a triangle of love that lasted until his death in early 2014.

Brad is currently in Kenya working on this biography...

This extraordinary book brings together personal stories by queers that celebrate the one special woman in their life who has been their muse, friend, or confidante.

From out of the past and into the present, “The Women We Love” will take readers on a poignant, often glamorous—and at times hilarious—journey into the couplings of some of the world’s most illustrious and intriguing relationships.

Myself and Vincent William Gagliostro will draw our inspiration from the many timeless relationships of the past and the present—among them, the inseparable spirits of Paul and Jane Bowles, the enduring love between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, Joey Arias and Lady Day, Truman Capote and his circle of society ladies to the headline-grabbing friendship between Elton John and Lady Gaga.

Each chapter of this gorgeously designed, fully-illustrated coffee table book includes iconic photographs as well as historical images and personal photos from the contributors, alongside each couple’s story. Together, these very personal recollections speak to the profound power—and boundless support—found between such kindered spirits.

As a Benefit project, 20% percent of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to two charities: The Trevor Project
ACRIA, AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

coming November 2014

“The Art Of Extravagant Living”

by Brad Boles

A gorgeous coffee table book that exemplifies how one can decorate their home with fabulous items, how to find them, and how it all can be done on any budget if one has the eye for a lovely piece of furniture or art.

More details on this book coming soon...

coming February 2015